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All kinds of organisations and governments are transferring more of their confidential business processes and sensitive consumer interactions online in order to improve services to customers, partners and citizens. The shift to digital, as the preferred service delivery channel, and the popularity of IT consumerisation have converged and shaped the new nature of 21 CN organisations. These new digital channels enable organisations to reach beyond conventional organisational boundaries and offer services (contextualised) directly to the smart devices of remote consumers. However, in order to realise the full potential of digital service delivery channels, these organisations are challenged to also provide secure, authorised access to sensitive information assets to the right person(s) ONLY - ONLY those who have legitimate right are entitled access to sensitive information assets.

Identity in cyberspace is complex and the subject of sharp focus by an increasing number of initiatives (worldwide), intent on achieving trusted identities in cyberspace and restore trust in the Internet. Identities in cyberspace that can be relied upon as genuine and an accurate representation of a real, living person becomes critical. The path toward achieving a trustworthy identity layer for the Internet begins with establishing genuine e-Identities for real people and this is where Objectsoft began their R&D and analysis in 2000 with a clear objective to implement a common standardised approach to e-Identity Assurance.

Establishing identity assurances in a legally compliant, efficient, cost-effective and manageable manner is a new and significant challenge for organisations and market sectors that need to assure the e-identities of people and exchange with other organisations. The challenges to new services such as Identity Provider (IdP) and Attribute Provider (AP) services are particularly significant.

Objectsoft’s Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) - e-ntitle.® - enables organistions to provide assured e-Identities by combining law and regulation, technology and standards, and business process in a single Software as a Service (SaaS) solution - assured e-Identities make a significant contribution to a safer online world.

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Speaking at the Techonomy conference 2010, the CEO of the iconic Google outlined a future Internet where cyber identitiy will require "true transparency and no anonymity". The Techonomy conference attracts many distinguished people from around the globe who seek to use technology to solve the world's big problems.

Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, explained that people need to get ready for major technology disruption. Whilst Schmidt attributed the data explosion to our new world of user-generated content, his insight on the subject of misuse of information for criminal and/or anti-social purposes is particularly noteworthy. Mr.Schmidt explains that "the only way to manage this [misuse of information] is true transparency and no anonymity."

Mr.Schmidt added that "In a world of asynchronous threats, it is too dangerous for there not to be some way to identify you. We need a [verified] name service for people. Governments will demand it."

"This is an inspiration to those innovation and R&D companies like Objectsoft - some of whom are now engaged in the new IdM challenge for almost a decade, to hear a technology leader like Eric Schmidt, advocate transparency around e-Identities in cyberspace" - Ian White, CEO at Objectsoft. Ian adds that "this emerging realisation about the scale of the problem and the potential to cause harm to Internet users, will encourage demand in the marketplace to implement technology solutions across the IdM spectrum. This will make the Internet a safer, more trustworthy place."

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