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Objectsoft was founded in April 1998, evolving from roots in software development for complex and critical national systems. From the outset the company set about designing robust and scaleable software to meet the complex and stringent requirements for legally compliant identity assurance.

Following six years of research, development and painstaking attention to the legal and regulatory requirements, Objectsoft has produced e-ntitle.®, an innovative web-based identity registration and lifecycle management software application. It is aimed at organisations that need to register and manage electronic identities and credentials in a legally compliant, consistent, efficient and cost effective process.

The following e-Signature Law Journal image will link you to a comprehesive insight into the legal aspects of electronic signatures in numerous jurisdictions throughout the world :

Objectsoft is committed to investing in innovation and bringing new products and services with real benefits for today's electronic business community.

Objectsoft is a member of the 'Cyber Trust and Crime Prevention' network, a DTI and Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) initiative.

For further information please contact Objectsoft

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