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Objectsoft deploy e-ntitle.® on Sunderland City Council Trust Services Infrastructure

Objectsoft deploy e-ntitle.® on Sunderland City Council Trust Services Infrastructure (TSI) portal, as the registration business process for establishing a person’s e-identity to U.K. e-Gov levels of assurance.

Objectsoft's e-ntitle.®, developed and operating on open standards, provides e-identities via Liberty Alliance Standards www.projectliberty.org, and the Services Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) to the Sun Microsystems Identity Manager Suite , ActivIdentity Smartcard Management System and the Sunderland City Council TSI Certificate Authority (CA). (May 2007).

The TSI portal is part of the Sunderland City Council continued Transformational Government strategy and is a key component of the U.K. Digital Challenge win for the council on the 13th of march 2007.

“Shared services infrastructure require systems that are capable of underpinning necessary levels of trust between all the parties. This has to involve secure processes for registering and enrolling individuals to required standards and lays the foundations for interoperability with national systems. Using e-ntitle.® I am confident that we can meet local requirements for data exchange across the local service partnership and at the same time act as local registration authority for a national service provider — for example giving practitioners secure access to restricted information, relevant to children’s services locally, while meeting authentication requirements for ContactPoint via Gateway L2 services. ” Conn Crawford, Strategic Projects Officer, Sunderland City Council ICTU.

“Objectsoft are delighted that the implementation of e-ntitle.® is an instrumental part of the Sunderland City Council Identity Management strategy. The e-ntitle.® registration business process offers the real value and efficiencies necessary for the successful implementation of Federated Identity Management solutions for Local and Central Government here in the U.K. ” Ian White, CEO of Objectsoft.

Objectsoft joins Oracle's Partner Network (OPN) with a clear focus on e-Identity Protection and Management

Oracle Identity Management allows enterprises to manage end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. You can now deploy applications faster, apply the most granular protection to enterprise resources, automatically eliminate latent access privileges, and much more. Leverage the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite in its entirety or deploy individual components of the suite to meet your unique needs.

Objectsoft's e-ntitle.®, complements Oracle's standards based interoperability strategy through consolidation and the "Single Source of Identity" approach. e-ntitle.® will utiliise many of the latest security features from Oracle's Identity Management suite such as Oracle 10g. (June 2006).

HRH The Duke of York, Prince Andrew visits Objectsoft at Loughborough University's Innovation Centre

The Duke of York, Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, expressed considerable interest in the level of detail and complexity involved in the architectural design of Objectsoft’s identity management and registration offering, e-ntitle.®. The ease of use, versatility, and the range of applications where e-ntitle ® can be deployed intrigued the Prince, whether it is in the e-Government, Pharmaceutical, Health, Legal or Aerospace arenas.

Prince Andrew expressed a very clear and appreciative understanding of the role of the e-ntitle.® solution in helping combat such crimes as cyber identity theft. The Prince eagerly quizzed and challenged the Objectsoft team with his knowledge of various biometrics through to social and legal implications of identity management.

The Objectsoft team (l to r); Giovanni Finocchio (Director Sales and Marketing), Dr Cleone Bretland (Director Medical Informatics), Ian White (Director Services), Prof. Geoffrey Hallam (Strategic Advisor and Emiritus Professor Crime Academy) and Patrick McKenna (Chief Software Architect and founder). (March 2006).

UK Presidency of the EU host the Ministerial eGovernment Conference 2005

EC flag

Entire-ID from Sun Microsystems, featuring Objectsoft's e-ntitle.®, captured significant interest from many EU member governments at the Ministerial eGovernment Conference event in Manchester. Registration of e-Identities and the lifecycle management of e-Identities has become a critical enabler to many eGovernment initiatives throughout Europe.

Transforming public services in the 21st century has placed a new importance on the way we think about identity in a 21st century society. Many conference delegates acknowledged and agreed that success in Transforming Public Services was reliant on a new and effective system that successfully managed e-Identities. Further information on the conference is available at : www.egov2005conference.gov.uk (November 2005).

Entire-ID attracts significant interest at GE Day

Sun Microsytems and partners Objectsoft, IsoSec and ActivCard showcased Entire-ID to GE businesses and their customers, at the GE Day in London. The GE Corporation event featured the latest advances from such diverse GE companies including GE Healthcare, GE Aviation and GE Money.

The event was successful in highlighting the demand in the market for a fully integrated end-to-end identity management solution. Visitors to the stand were able to see the identity management journey, from the initial rigorous identity registration (e-ntitle.®) and provisioning, through to using a smart card identity for access and authentication to information systems. Entire-ID's business proposition of efficiencies and cost saving benefits, together with corporate governance and compliance illustrated the clear business benefit for potential customers. (October 2005).

e-ntitle.® is chosen for the Sun Microsystems Inc., Entire-ID solution Objectsoft are delighted to announce its partnership with Sun Microsystems involving e-ntitle .® in one of the first ‘end to end’ identity management offerings to the market. The Sun lead initiative, Entire-ID , manages the complete identity management lifecycle.

e-ntitle.® is chosen for the Sun Microsystems Inc., Entire-ID solution

Objectsoft are delighted to announce its partnership with Sun Microsystems involving e-ntitle.® in one of the first ‘end to end’ identity management offerings to the market. The Sun lead initiative and product is known as Entire-ID, and it manages the complete identity management lifecycle from registration,

Dr James Martin (software pioneer) meets Objectsoft's Chief Software Architect (a former analyst with James Martin Associates)

James Martin, leading thinker and world renowned authority on software engineering, took time out during his UK visit and the launch of the James Martin 21st Century School, Oxford University, to meet up with one of his former analyst/information engineers - Patrick McKenna.

Dr Martin, author of "The Wired World ", for which he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize; donated £60m to the James Martin 21st Century School , which will study the social, environmental and economic effects of computers and address the most pressing problems of the 21st century. "Objectsoft had a rare opportunity to share with Dr Martin, their own ground breaking work on e-Identity Assurance with one of the industry and world's leading thinkers." says Giovanni Finocchio.

Patrick McKenna added: "Our formative years as young analysts and information engineers, working for James Martin Associates, gave us valuable experience in the use of pioneering scientific approaches to software design. This remains the significant influence that shaped my career in information and software engineering" (June 2005). In March 2009 James Martin pledged a further $50 million to the school.

He explains further on YouTube ...

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown visits Objectsoft.

Objectsoft was delighted to welcome the Chancellor to their office at the Loughborough Innovation Centre. The Chancellor was able to see at first hand Objectsoft’s work on the e-ntitle.® software for registration and lifecycle management of e-identities.

Objectsoft’s Sales & Marketing Director Giovanni Finocchio (far left) discusses the benefits of the software solution and the significance of R&D tax credits, with the Chancellor and local MP Andy Reed (far right). 19th April 2005

The Chancellor expressed a keen interest in the aspects of information assurance in relation to capturing and recording personal identity information.

In addition, he discussed the value of genuine e-identities to e-government programmes and services; and the importance of innovation to the success of such programmes.

Leading law firm Wragge & Co working with Objectsoft.

Wragge & Co and Objectsoft are engaged in a pilot project designed to test how secure PKI (public key infrastructure) and digital certificates can be applied in a business context. With electronic communication becoming ever more the "norm" the need for secure systems for the transfer of commercially sensitive information is obvious. This is accentuated by the current e-conveyancing consultation published by HM Land Registry designed to lead to an electronic conveyancing system that will require signed conveyancing documents to be in electronic form. (June 2002)

Property partner David Pettingale explains, "As lawyers we need to understand how, in real life, we and our clients will be able to obtain digital credentials and use them to sign documents in electronic form. This is an essential step in the move towards paperless electronic conveyancing and we hope the pilot project we are undertaking with Objectsoft will enable key practical issues to be identified and overcome."

The DTI and tScheme invite Objectsoft to present the research from their 'Notus Key' project to the DTI hosted workshop.

Objectsoft with the knowledge from their 'Notus Key' project delivered a stimulating and very informative keynote speech at the DTI workshop on Electronic Trust Services, in London on May 27th 2002.

The event focused on the market challenges that TSP's (trusted service providers) face today, mainly an immature market place and that most of the technology around today doesn't recognise the practical demands and needs of user organisations.

Objectsoft shared their views and experiences from two years of R&D in electronic trust services ('Notus Key' project). While understanding the technology issues, the Notus Key project focused on the users view point and a solution to overcome the main user challenges. As for the immature market place, a scaleable solution offering will encourage market take-up. (May 2002)

Minister for Science and Innovation visits Objectsoft's 'Notus Key' project.

During a visit to Chesterfield Innovation Centre, Lord Sainsbury the Minister for Science & Innovation at the Office of Science and Technology took time to visit Objectsoft's 'Notus Key' project and see their innovative solution. Lord Sainbury, a leading advocate for the introduction of the UK Electronic Communications Act 2000 (the "ECA") found the project of particular interest.

The project, a leading edge solution to register individuals and organisations for electronic credentials (digital certificates also known as trust services) via the Internet is destined to become an integral part of any trust service provision.

The minister was delighted that a UK company has considered human and legal concerns in a system to ensure that all registrations for electronic credentials meet Government or sector specific standards for authentication of identities. The solution overcomes the onerous and labour intensive aspects of registration. The system stringently checks against preset criteria to verify the applicant's identity "beyond all reasonable doubt". (April 2002)

On March 10th, 2003 the Office of Science and Technology launched a new Foresight Project " Cyber Trust and Crime Prevention " which will look 15-20 years ahead at advances in next generation information technology. In tomorrow.s digital world computer systems will be able to automatically monitor our health, pay our bills and order our groceries".

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