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e-ntitle.® has been designed to provide compliance and identity assurance for use with identity management systems and in particular public key infrastructure (PKI). It is a software application that manages the business process of ‘registration and the lifecycle management’ for X.509v3 digital certificates.

PKI has two elements, 1) a Certificate Authority (CA) functionality i.e. the technology for issuing digital certificates and providing encryption; and 2) a Registration Authority (RA) component for binding identities to the digital certificates.

It is the RA component that is proving challenging to organisations wanting to manage legally compliant digital certificates. The provision of the RA functionality remains largely a manual process. To date, RA’s have relied on Certificate Policies and Certificate Practice Statements to define best practice. These policies and statements are very important. However, they do not enforce any legal requirements and can vary from RA to RA.

Consistency, Efficiency and Audit
e-ntitle.® is an automated and fully auditable RA software application. It brings consistency and efficiency to the RA aspect, enforcing the legal requirements in a rigorous and audited manner. Therefore, all digital certificates registered and controlled by using e-ntitle.® will have probative value. The process is consistently stringent regardless of user or location; therefore, all digital certificates created by using e-ntitle.®, can be trusted.

An organisation using e-ntitle.® can become its own RA, fully controlling the lifecycle of its employee’s digital certificates. The organisation registers, suspends and revokes its digital certificates in real-time over the web, reducing latency in the process and assuring trust in the identity.

e-ntitle.® has been designed for large-scale digital certificate deployments and is capable of registering and managing millions of identities.

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